sábado, 11 de outubro de 2008

The Gemstone Test

Your Gemstone Says...

You exude wealth and class. (Even if you're short on funds.)

You carry yourself well, and you have perfect manners.

You never seem desperate or trashy. You are admired for your sense of style.

You treat others well. In fact, many people aspire to be like you.

não sei bem se será assim ... mas gosto das pedras, e como a minha pedra preciosa da sorte é o RUBI, gosto principalmente pela cor ... Vermelha!!

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Liliane disse...

Your Gemstone Says...

You are an excellent communicator. You express yourself clearly.
You relate easily to other people, and you're a great listener.
Friends turn to you to help stay grounded and sane.
You realize that everything is interconnected in life, and you aim to help as many people as possible.